Why A Gold Dipped Rose Is The Most Romantic Gift

Why A Gold Dipped Rose Is The Most Romantic Gift


A gold-dipped rose is also known as a gold-trimmed rose or gold-plated rose. It sounds exquisite but what exactly does a gold-dipped rose refer to? To put it simply, it’s literally a rose dipped in gold. To be precise, a real rose is preserved and then plated with gold, hence why it is also known as a gold-plated rose.

Why do we call it the most romantic gift in the world? Roses are widely considered a universal gift for expressing romantic love. Giving the gift of a gold plated rose would be at once a lovely surprise, and an act of rebellion because the golden rose cheats death by transforming ephemeral magnificence into immortal beauty. And not unlike love itself, a high-quality gold-dipped rose can last a lifetime and beyond.

Here we will first explore the romantic properties of roses and the allure of gold. And then take a look at how the fusion of the two is a most romantic combination.


The Rose

Gold-Dipped Roses From Sara Verdier


One of the most enduring and famous symbol of love, the rose has appeared in works of art from paintings to films for centuries as a representation of romance, beauty and love. William Shakespeare, the famous playwright once wrote “A rose by any other name would smell as sweet”.

Even since ancient times, roses were associated with the Greek and Roman goddess of love, Aphrodite and Venus, respectively. Story has it that rose bushes grew from the tears shed by Aphrodite and the blood of Adonis, her lover.

It is now an almost universal symbol of love, given to loved ones on Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, anniversaries and other important events when love or passion is being celebrated.

Like how people during the Victorian era use flowers as a way to communicate unspoken feelings, the rose is perfect for conveying your love.


The Gold

It’s no secret that gold is highly desirable. It is known as a precious metal and it is very expensive. Gold is a status symbol and it symbolizes wealth, luxury and exquisiteness.

Pure gold or 24K gold doesn’t rust and doesn’t tarnish. Gold-dipped or gold-plated roses are usually plated with 24K gold making them great as a display piece to remind your significant other of your love.

Gold is, well, golden. It is actually difficult to tell one rare earth metal from another. Gold is the only metal that looks and reflects light the way it does making it easily identifiable and uniquely irresistible.


The Golden Rose

Gold-Dipped Roses From Sara Verdier


So what happens when the allure of gold meets the romance of a rose?

When plated in gold, the details of roses are enriched, preserved, and glamorized. The perfect stage of petals opening is forever frozen in time and the life-giving veins are enhanced.

The craftsmanship involved in the painstaking process of plating a rose can be appreciated and contemplated as an intersection of art and science. Many steps are required and it can take weeks to produce a finished creation.

Golden roses stay forever fresh. The absence of drooping or discoloration can be a metaphor for the everlasting love between giver and recipient.

Nothing shines like a 24K gold-dipped rose. The constant luster can be a centerpiece which brings up an entire room.

Gold plated thorns offer us yet another metaphor. Just as the thorns of a rose discourage herbivores, strong love shields a relationship from those who would do the union harm.


A Forever Rose For Forever Love

There you have it, a plethora of reasons why a gold dipped rose is the most romantic gift. Communicate the magnificence, power, grace, and permanence of your love by immortalizing the queen of flowers, the rose, in the world’s most beautiful metal.

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Or learn more about choosing the best gold-dipped roses through this comprehensive article.

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