The Real Forever Rose

The Real Forever Rose


A forever rose is a powerful imagery. The rose is the universal symbol of love and a forever rose naturally signify forever love. It is no surprise that so many of us are seeking for that perfect rose that lasts forever to give to the person we love.

There are many gifts that you can buy online or at retail stores which are advertised as forever roses. Some of these are real roses while others are just ornaments in the shape of roses. Some last longer than others but only a few last forever.

Let’s take a look at the different forever roses you can buy for your loved one!

Forever Roses That Are Man-made


Fake Rose Made From Gold Foil


Artificial forever roses are mostly made from gold foil, gold colored tin or plastic. These roses are generally cheap, costing below $50 since they are not real roses and are mass-produced. Not to mention gold foil roses don’t exactly look like real roses to be frank.

Do be careful if you are considering buying such roses. Dishonest retailers will advertise their roses as real natural roses. For gold-plated roses, it can be quite difficult to tell if they are real since they are completely plated with gold. But instead of encasing a real rose, fake gold-plated roses actually has a plastic body.


Forever Roses That Are Natural Roses



Forever roses that are actual real roses are preserved in one way or another. The most common of this consist of spraying a special chemical over a natural rose. Such roses will not wilt and can last for a few years.

A good quality forever rose that is preserved in such a way costs around $100 to $200. Definitely much more pricey than your typical rose. The great thing about it? It looks just like an ordinary natural rose. The bad thing about it? It looks just like an ordinary natural rose.



I would probably be right if I say that we all want to give the person we love most in the world something more special than just an ordinary rose. Perhaps something magical like the enchanted rose in Beauty And The Beast that leaves you breathless from its beauty.


The True Forever Rose


Introducing Rose by Sara Verdier,  100% real roses that are individually preserved by hand in a protective shell and plated with real 24K gold. Unlike the real roses mentioned earlier, a Rose by Sara Verdier is a true forever rose.

It will truly never wither or fade and will last forever. A Rose by Sara Verdier undergoes a long process called “Protect & Beautify” and the end result is a tribute to both the natural beauty of a real rose and the exquisite craftsmanship of fine jewelry.


A Rose by Sara Verdier is also reasonably priced for a 100% real rose that has been exquisitely preserved to last forever and plated with 24K gold or silver. Want to express your forever love to the person you love? Look no further for a true forever rose for forever love. Find out more about Rose by Sara Verdier.

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