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Everything You Need To Know About Forever Roses

You might have heard of them or even seen them. Forever roses are increasingly popular gifts for special occasions such as Valentine’s Day, weddings, anniversaries and Mother’s Day.

Many flower products being sold online and in physical retail stores carry the name of forever roses, eternal roses, eternity roses, the forever rose, etc. You get the idea.

But all these roses are not made equal. Forever roses come in many different forms and are created using different techniques. If you are looking to buy a forever rose, we hope that through this article, you will learn more about the different types of forever roses and which forever rose is the most suitable for you.


What Is A Forever Rose?

Forever roses are roses that have been preserved using different techniques to last much longer than its natural lifespan. Some lasts 1 to 3 years while others can last for many years longer.

While we mention that they are many different kinds of forever roses, we can broadly categorise current forever roses or eternity roses into 2 categories:

1) Forever roses that look like normal roses

2) Forever roses that are plated with 24K gold and also known as gold-dipped roses. Such roses can also be plated with silver.


Forever roses that look like normal roses


How Long Does A Forever Rose Last?

So do forever roses actually last forever? Well, the answer is, it depends. For forever roses that look like normal roses, many retailers are saying that it can last for up to 3 years with 1 year being their “display life”. This means that such forever roses will start to deteriorate after around 1 year and wither. Hardly forever wouldn’t you say?

The lifespan of these forever roses are also dependent on how you take care of them. Exposure to sunlight and humidity will result in the roses deteriorating earlier. To decrease humidity and other environmental factors for shortening their lifespan, you will find that some forever roses are kept in a sealed case or dome.

Regardless, forever roses still last much longer than normal roses. Though it is significantly more pricey as well.

Forever roses that are known as gold-dipped roses on the other hand can actually claim to last forever, technically. Because of the way theses roses are preserved and made, they will stay the same for many years so it is really hard to say for sure how long they will actually last.


Roses from Sara Verdier. Gold dipped roses that technically last forever.


What Much Does A Forever Rose Cost?

For forever roses that look like normal roses, it costs around $40 to $60 (in United States dollars) for a single rose. You will be able to find cheaper ones for sure but those are likely to be smaller roses and have a short lifespan due to the preservation technique used. Its short lifespan as compared to gold-dipped roses also naturally contribute to the high prices.

For a single gold-dipped forever rose, average ones go for at least $60 with some even going for as high as $200 and above. There is definitely much more craftsmanship involved when creating a gold-dipped rose, not to mention the 24K gold that is used to give it its gold-plated luxurious finish.



Are Forever Roses Real?

The short answer is yes, forever roses are basically preserved real roses. However as you have learnt from this article, not all forever roses last forever. Forever roses that have been preserved to look like normal roses only last 1 to 3 years at most.

This is actually a popular question and we are not surprised. A rose that lasts forever does sound incredible. Many people think that forever roses are actually not real roses but artificial ones and we don’t blame them. There are a number of unscrupulous sellers trying to pass off artificial roses as real roses.

For this article, we are only looking at forever roses that are real roses which is what we assume is what most people will be interested in. If you want to learn more about spotting fake forever roses, read our article on how to choose gold dipped roses.


Real blooming roses


How Are Forever Roses Made?

Without a doubt, to retain the alluring appearance of a rose beyond its natural lifespan means preserving the rose in one way or another. It is similar to mummification but less scary. Roses go through a dehydration process and its sap is slowly replaced with a preservative solution. This allows roses to retain their natural shape, color and appearance for a lengthen period of time.

For gold-dipped roses, the process is much more elaborate. The leaves and petals of each preserved rose is then encased in a resin hard-shell. This transparent shell is corrosion-resistant, further protecting the rose from the environment. To give the roses their exquisite look, they are then carefully plated with 24K gold or silver.

We won’t go into too much details as each company has their own process of creating their forever roses.



Which Forever Rose Should I Get?

Honestly, it comes down to personal preference. If your significant other prefers natural roses, then forever roses that look like actual roses are your best bet. But the issue is also just that. They look like normal roses, even if you are paying significantly more for them. There’s no wow factor in giving this type of forever roses or eternity roses.

Gold-dipped roses on the other hand are gaining in popularity due to their luxurious appearance and the great craftsmanship that comes with the more expensive roses. They are also more true to the forever rose description. While gold-dipped roses do have its strong points, your other half might prefer receiving natural roses to gold-dipped roses and you should take this into strong consideration.



Gold dipped roses from Sara Verdier


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