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Ceramic + Stainless Steel Cup

The best ceramic cup in the world is stainless steel.

The Steelceramics Cup

Designed & engineered for the perfect drinking experience

Our leading-edge ceramic coating eliminates any residual smell or metallic taste commonly associated with stainless steel while the double-wall stainless steel exterior keeps your drinks hot or cold just the way you like it.

No Taste Interference   |   Thermal Insulation   Fully Non-Toxic      Portable   |   Shatterproof   |   Spill-proof   |    Sustainable

Non-Toxic & Food Safe

Recent studies have raised concerns that metal leaching when using stainless steel drinkware can have harmful effects on your health. Risk factors include storage of acidic drinks like tea and coffee at higher temperatures or normal wear and tear. Learn more.

Our ceramic interior completely prevents metal from leaching into your drink while maintaining all the benefits of a stainless steel exterior construction.

Preserve the original taste of your drinks with no residual or metallic taste or smell

In addition to a metallic taste, the surface of normal stainless steel drinkware may also trap soap, tea, coffee oils and other beverages. This creates a residual smell that many people often complain about. Both of these adversely affect your drinking experience.

Our ceramic-coated inner wall ensures that nothing interferes with how your drink should taste or smell. Your drink is perfect the way you expect it to be.

Our Technology

Our proprietary manufacturing process binds ceramic particles onto hardened 304 food-grade stainless steel to forge Steelceramics ®.

The Steelceramics ceramic coating is non-toxic, food safe and fully compliant with regulations from the U.S. FDA and the EU.

This means any materials that come into contact with food must not leach into food at levels harmful to human health and must not change the taste, smell or composition of food in an unacceptable way. This means no lead, no cadmium, no nickel, no PFOA and no PFOS. 

Our ceramic coating is environmentally friendly and contains zero carbon.  The manufacturing process also consumes less energy and emits 50% less carbon dioxide.

The Best Ceramic Cup In The World Is Stainless Steel

What Makes The Steelceramics Cup Great
Double wall insulation keeps your drinks hot for 3 hours
Double wall insulation keeps your drinks cold for 6 hours
Proprietary ceramic-coated wall makes it super easy to clean
No more water stains on your table due to condensation
Shatterproof stainless steel body
Preserve the original taste of your drinks with no residual or metallic taste
Sustainable + Reusable
Spill-proof lid makes it easy to drink on the move
Non-Toxic + Full protection from metal leaching
Portable + Lightweight
Ceramic coating with high scratch and abrasion resistance
Quality Assured
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A Complete Experience

Each Steelceramics cup comes with a set of accessories to complete your drinking experience. Whether it’s at home, on the move or at work, use the Steelceramics cup the way you want to.

Beech Wood Spoon

Helps preserve the original taste of your drinks and is safe to use with the ceramic inner wall.

Silicone Straw Set

BPA-free and reusable. Enjoy your favourite drink easily on the move or sitting down.​

Spillproof Slider Lid

Never worry about spilling your drink no matter what you are doing. Simply slide open to take a sip.

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Luxury Matte Series

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Brilliant Series

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Find out how Steelceramics is better than ordinary stainless steel cups & ceramics cups.

Watch reviews of Steelceramics and find out what people are saying.

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The Portable Artisanal Cup

When a jeweler’s romanticism and craftsmanship meets the precision and eye for detail of an engineer.

What started as a mere school-age friendship between a jeweler and and engineer nearly thirty years ago has now sparked a mission to bridge the gap between age-old approaches and new-age sensibility.

After more than three years of product development and thirty development prototypes, Steelceramics was born on their idea that by forging various materials together, a drinkware can combine the advantages of multiple materials while eliminating as many disadvantages as possible.

Steelceramics’ hybrid construction combines the best properties of stainless steel and ceramic and is designed to provide a safe and elevated drinking experience. Taking design inspiration from Japanese minimalism, the versatile functionality of the Steelceramics cup blended with its contemporary aesthetic makes it the perfect option to be used anytime, anywhere.

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