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Sara Verdier
Never Wither Flowers

Real Flowers That Last Forever

100% real flowers that have been frozen in time. Perfectly preserved to last forever.

Never Wither Flowers

Each of our Never Wither Flowers is unique like no other. A perfect one-of-a-kind gift for every occasion. Browse our amazing collection to find your perfect flower.


Watch our Never Wither Dandelion light up the darkness.

Sara Verdier

Never Wither FloWers

Rose By Sara Verdier

Celebrate Love

We ask fans of Rose by Sara Verdier what they think love is!

Love is when your partner’s happiness is your happiness. Love is when you can trust someone, and rely on them to always support you. Love is crazy and irrational but should bring out the best in you. Love is always the answer to everything.


Whether it is helping to cook dinner and clean up the kitchen so we can spend more time together, driving 2 hours to see me on a weekday just to spend 3 short hours together before he heads home again, or planning a date for us. I love affection, so he goes out of his way to kiss my forehead and hold me close.

– Erin