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Best Flowers For Valentine’s Day & Anniversaries

Are you planning to buy flowers for your better half for Valentine’s Day, your anniversary or a special occasion? It can be a simple thing to do if you know what flowers your other half likes. Or you can just get roses. But if you are reading this article, then you might be looking for something different for a change. We are here to help!

First of all, ask yourself what does your significant other like about flowers? Do they think flowers look pretty and put them on display in a vase?  Vibrant and colorful flowers like carnations are a great choice then. Or if they like to go up close to take a whiff for their amazing smell. Then go for fragrant flowers like roses or peonies.

Many flowers also come with special meanings and it is important to pay attention to this especially if it matters to your other half.



  1. Roses

We know what you are thinking! But this is a list of best flowers to get for Valentine’s Day and anniversaries and it won’t be a proper list without mentioning roses.

Long associated with romance and passion, roses are by far the most popular flowers people get on Valentine’s Day. Romantic, meaningful, beautiful to look at and not to mention, they smell great too. Roses are a clear winner. We recommend going with red or pink roses. Red roses being the traditional symbol of love and pink roses symbolising grace and elegance. Both colours are perfect as a romantic gesture.

If your significant other love roses but you want to do something different, consider Rose by Sara Verdier. Using real roses which have been perfectly preserved to last forever, it is then dipped in 24K gold to create a most exquisite gift. Considering the cost of buying flowers on Valentine’s Day, why not give a forever rose for forever love?

Rose By Sara Verdier



  1. Orchids

A more exotic gift, orchids are known to represent luxury. There is a long history of people fervently searching for rare species of orchids which resulted in Orchidelirium in Victorian era England when collecting and discovering orchids reached extraordinary extremes. Even today, trading of orchids that are grown in the wild is banned internationally and many orchid species are still endangered.

It is no wonder orchids are associated with luxury.

But did you know that orchids can also represent love? During the Victorian era, men were known to give rare orchids to women as gifts to show their love. In China, orchids represents the unity between a married couple as well as symbolising luck and prosperity.

Orchids come in a wide variety of colours and each colour does hold its own meaning.

Blue – Blue orchids are very rare which makes them naturally associated with rarity.

Yellow – Friendship and new beginnings.

White – Beauty, purity and elegance.

Purple – Royalty, admiration and respect.

Pink – Love, happiness and grace. Pink orchids are also known to be wedding anniversary gifts.

Orange – Boldness, enthusiasm and pride.

We recommend orchids in white and/or pink hues for their symbolism and their elegant look.



  1. Sunflowers

While not a flower that is commonly associated with romance, sunflowers are still one of the most popular flowers that people choose after roses. True to its sun-like appearance, sunflowers symbolises the sun, happiness, longevity and adoration. That’s pretty meaningful too for a gift to your loved one!

Visually attractive and imposing, giving sunflowers to your other half is bound to light up their day.



  1. Tulips

Many people are fans of the simple and understated look of the tulips, making them yet another popular choice for Valentine’s Day and anniversaries. They also come in a very wide variety of colours. This means you will have a much easier time finding a tulip in the color that your other half likes. Though like most flowers, red symbolises love and would be the more traditional choice for Valentine’s Day.

Apart from the vibrant color choices, tulips are also popular due to their relative affordability and longevity. They last longer than many other flowers when put in a vase. This is also another factor you might want to consider when choosing your perfect Valentine’s Day flower.

Red and pink tulips are popular romantic gifts but do note that tulips have different bloom time. Different tulips are available in different seasons so if you want the freshest tulips, check with your local florist first.



  1. Carnations

Popular at weddings and as a romantic gift, carnations are fragrant, pretty to look at and is a long lasting cut flower. They will stay fresh for days and can last up to three weeks. What’s more, carnations are also comparatively affordable meaning you get really great value for the money spent. It’s no wonder they are a popular choice.

We recommend red and white carnations to give to your significant other on Valentine’s Day and anniversaries.



  1. Ranunculus

With a name that sounds like something out of Harry Potter, the ranunculus is definitely eye-catching. Which is why it is one of the most popular flowers found at weddings. However, it is known to be a more luxurious flower. While the price per stem seems reasonable, ranunculus are smaller when blooming and you will need much more ranunculus to achieve the same full look as other flowers such as roses.

Symbolising attractiveness, charm and radiance, you can’t go wrong with ranunculus.



  1. Never Wither Flowers

Also on the list is Sara Verdier’s very own Never Wither Flowers.  Perfectly preserving flowers to last forever, they are great gifts for people who prefer something more long lasting and permanent. Never Wither Flowers aren’t exactly a type of flowers but rather a collection of different flowers than include the dandelion, hydrangea and chrysanthemum.



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