Exquisite Craftsmanship
Classic designs reborn.
High-Grade Diamond Simulants
Our rings are adorned with Sara Verdier diamond simulants which are ethical, sustainable and conflict-free. They posses the stunning flawless and colourless look of the world’s most valuable diamonds.
Inspiring Love
Combining sustainable materials and Swiss craftsmanship honed by years of crafting fine jewelry.
Celebrate love
Support sustainability


Take a close-up look at our Simply Elegant Halo Ring.

Accessible Luxury
We use superior grade yet accessible materials such as premium sterling silver and diamond simulants to create jewelry that looks and feels like jewelry that is worth much more

Rings By Sara Verdier

Simply Elegant Halo Ring

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A timeless design, this ring is adorned with Sara Verdier diamond simulants. Elegance and style in one perfect design.

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Simply Elegant Eternity Ring

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Adorned with Sara Verdier diamond simulants, this simple yet elegant ring is perfect for adding a touch of class to your day.

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Simply Rose Gold Open Twin Ring

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Chic and classy, wear it daily.

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