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How To Pick And Buy The Best Roses

People buy roses for many reasons. They are a great way to express affection, celebrate an occasion, or simply bring some natural beauty into your home.

The process of buying roses is trickier that it seem! How can you actually tell that the roses you are getting are fresh and of good quality? In this guide, we will be sharing our advice on the following:

  1. How to select and pick out high-quality and fresh roses
  2. Where to buy and what to look out for at the flower shop

How To Choose The Color Of The Rose

Before buying, you first need to decide the purpose of the roses. Are these roses a gift? Are they for a special occasion? If so, what kind? Different colors of roses can symbolize different things.

For example, red roses typically symbolize love and romance, while yellow roses often symbolize friendship. Check out our article on rose colors and their meaning to find out which is the perfect rose color for you.

How To Select Fresh Roses

Choosing high-quality and fresh roses involves a combination of visual inspections, touch and even smell. Here are some key points to consider when checking the quality of roses:

Petals. Petals form the main body of the flower and is the most visually striking part of the rose. The petals should look fresh, vibrant, and should not show signs of wilting or discoloration. A high-quality rose’s petals should be well-hydrated, appearing plump and firm to the touch, but not hard.

Additionally, the petals should be elastic and hold their shape well. If you bend the petal, it should return to its original position.

Look closely also for signs of damage such as brown/blackened edges, spots, or holes. These could be signs of aging, disease, or pest infestations. If you notice petals that are loose, dropping or discolored, it’s likely that the rose is not fresh or has been stored improperly.

If the outer petals (known as guard petals) are slightly more rugged or discolored, this doesn’t necessarily indicate a lack of freshness; their purpose is to protect the inner petals, and florists often remove these before arranging.

Buds: The state of the bud is an essential indicator of the rose’s freshness and its potential lifespan. Ideally, the bud should be slightly open, allowing you to see the color of the rose, but not fully bloomed. A fully bloomed rose has reached its peak and might not last much longer. Conversely, a bud that is too tight or hard and shows no color may never open, as it might have been cut too early.

Stem. The stem of a fresh rose should be firm to the touch, not soft or bendable. If the stem is soft, limp, or easily bendable, it is likely that the rose is old or not properly hydrated. A healthy, high-quality rose will have a robust and green stem, without any signs of browning or wilting.

The stems should also feel well-hydrated, not dry or brittle. A fresh cut at the stem’s end helps the rose to absorb water better, keeping it hydrated and fresh. If the bottom of the stem is dry or the cut appears old, this could reduce the rose’s vase life. The color of the bottom of the stem where it was cut should look light green and not blackish.

Leaves. The leaves of the rose should be a vibrant green and not yellow or brown. Any discoloration, wilting, or spots on the leaves could be a sign of disease or lack of freshness. Fresh rose leaves are typically smooth and have a natural shine to them.

Thorns: While the presence or absence of thorns does not directly reflect the quality of the rose, many professional florists remove the thorns for aesthetic and safety reasons. Therefore, a thornless stem might indicate careful handling and attention to detail from the florist.

Smell: Fresh roses should emit a subtle and pleasing scent. If the roses have no scent, or if the scent is unpleasant, this might indicate that the roses are not fresh or have been stored for too long. However, keep in mind that some rose varieties naturally have less scent than others.

Where To Buy High Quality & Fresh Roses?

Buying from a reputable shop is essential to ensuring you receive high-quality roses. If you’re buying online, look for clear, accurate photos, detailed product descriptions, and a freshness guarantee.

A well-established shop or florist with positive reviews is often a good indicator of quality. Look for online reviews or ask friends and family for recommendations. Be sure to pay attention to comments about the freshness and longevity of their flowers.

Good packaging protects roses from damage and indicates that the florist cares about their product. Roses should be well-protected, especially during transport, but they should not be so tightly wrapped that they become damaged or squashed. Check for damage caused by poor packaging, such as broken stems or crushed petals.

What To Look Out For At The Florist Or Store

1) Roses, like all cut flowers, need water to stay fresh. Check to make sure the roses have been kept in water. If the flower shop provides a packet of flower food to nourish the roses and prolong their life, it’s a good sign they care about the quality of their flowers.

2) Look at the flowers on display. Are they vibrant and fresh-looking, or do they appear wilted or discolored?

3) Shops with a good variety of flowers and high turnover generally have fresher stock, as flowers are less likely to sit for extended periods.

4) A good florist should be able to give you advice on how to care for your roses and increase their vase life. This includes tips on how to cut the stems, what kind of water to use, and whether to use flower food.

5) Roses that have to travel a long distance might not be as fresh as locally grown flowers. Ask the florist about where the roses come from, as well as how they’re transported and stored.

6) Roses are typically fresher and of higher quality during their natural growing season, which usually is late spring to early fall in most climates. Purchasing roses in-season could lead to better quality and lower prices.

7) If possible, try to buy flowers early in the morning. That’s often when they’re freshest, having just been watered and prepared for the day.

8) Maintaining an appropriate temperature is important for preserving the quality and longevity of cut flowers. As the temperature rises, both respiration rate and water loss increase. This will lead to roses wilting. Therefore, flower shops that keep their roses in a cool condition are more likely to have fresh roses.

We hope that the advice and tips above are helpful when you purchase your bouquet of roses!


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