Unique Anniversary Gifts for Her

Unique Anniversary Gifts for Her


Your anniversary is a wonderful occasion to celebrate. While there is no gift that could ever truly show how much you actually love her, here are a few ideas to consider. No flowers, chocolate or generic jewelry in this list. Instead, these unique gifts will show your significant other how special she is to you. Check out this list of gift ideas that are sure to wow.


1. Surprise Vacation

Recreate honeymoon bliss with a surprise vacation. Whether you choose a new destination or an old favorite, you can celebrate your love in your version of paradise. Tools like TripSavvy can help you build a trip that reflects the travel style of you and your sweetie. With options ranging from culture-rich city excursions to relaxing tropical hideaways, you’ll be able to find the right adventure for you and your better half.


2. Custom Anniversary Journal

This beautiful journal allows you to preserve all those romantic memories that make up a marriage. From your first anniversary to your 60th, you can record your favorite moments and big life changes like babies, pets, moves, vacations and new jobs from every year. Photo pages allow you to customize the book further. You can fill out the pages ahead of time or fill them out together. This book is a charming way to write and share your love story.


3. A Real Rose That Lasts Forever

Nothing is more romantic than giving a red rose. The unfortunate thing is that real roses don’t last for long. But a Rose by Sara Verdier is different. 100% real roses preserved to last forever, a Rose by Sara Verdier will never wither. Dipped in 24K gold, it’s an exquisite gift to represent your forever love and to simply say, I love you.


4. Photography Class

A picture is worth a thousand words, and good pictures are worth even more than that. While it may seem like everyone is a photographer these days, thanks to phone apps and filters, you can help your girl up her photo game with a unique photography course. From basic to advanced and portrait to landscape, there’s a course for any skill level and interest. Instead of blurry selfies, she’ll be able to record your relationship in stunning photos.


5. Love Map

It’s been said that if you can travel with someone, then that person is truly your soul mate. Mark off your global adventures on this charming map and follow your love story around the world. Whether you’re just starting your global couple adventures or you’ve been around the world a few times, this gift may inspire additional wanderlust. If it does, see number one above for an idea for next year’s anniversary gift.


6. First Song Dance Art

Do you remember that magical moment you were first announced as a married couple? When your song played and you looked your wife in the eye for your first dance? Celebrate that moment with this unique canvas inscribed with the lyrics to your first dance song. Hang it in your bedroom to keep it intimate or display it in your living room to share your love with all of your guests.


7. Vows As Art

Perhaps you don’t want to admit that you chose a top 40’s hit to dance to as your first song. In that case, you can turn your vows into art and display them proudly in your home. With different frames, borders and matting to choose from, you could design this to go with your wedding colors or your current design aesthetic.


8. Personalized Necklace

This elegant necklace allows your partner to keep your love close to her heart. Add your and her initials to this Maya Brenner asymmetrical character necklace for a sweet yet meaningful touch. The delicate 14 karat gold chain can be worn on its own or with other jewelry.

A love like yours is a rare and beautiful thing. Honor it in the unique way it deserves with a one-of-a-kind gift. These gifts are sure to set you up for another enchanting year of love together.

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