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Best Romantic Anniversary Gifts By Year



If you are reading this, that means congratulations are in order! Congrats to another year of being in love and celebrating love.

We know that finding a meaningful gift for the most important person in your life can be quite daunting. But luckily for us, people have spent centuries pondering over this and we now have anniversary gift lists drawn from their collective wisdom. Even better, these gift lists are orgranized by anniversary years and each year is represented by its own modern and traditional gift, gemstone, color and flower.

These gift ideas are definitely great for Valentine’s Day and Christmas too.

Also look out for our tips to make your gifts and celebrating your anniversary even more romantic!


1st Anniversary

Traditional: Paper | Modern: Clocks | Gemstone: Gold | Colour: Gold or yellow | Flower: Carnation

Photo credit:  Seaweed Kisses


Scrapbooking. Start a scrapbook or a journal! It’s a great way to keep a physical record and relive your favourite memories! Fill it up with photos from your latest vacations together or important life events. Keep it simple or let your creative juices run wild. It’s the thought that counts!

Check out scrapbooking ideas here.


2nd Anniversary

Traditional: Cotton | Modern: China | Gemstone: Garnet | Colour: Red |  Flower: Lily of The Valley

Personalized Pillow. A personalized gift is always more meaningful and we love gifts that we can use daily. Have your favourite photos, quotes or a loving message printed on a comfy pillow that your significant other can hug each and every single day.

Check out personalized pillows here.


3rd Anniversary

Traditional: Leather | Modern: Crystal | Gemstone: Pearl | Colour: White | Flower: Sunflower

Leather Wallet. Whether it’s for men or women, a great looking and functional wallet is one of the most practical and useful gifts. You can add a romantic touch by including a loving message and your favourite photos of your loved one and yourself in the wallet!

Check out the Kate Spade above.


4th Anniversary

Traditional: Flowers/Fruits | Modern: Electrical appliances | Gemstone: Blue topaz | Colour: Blue or green | Flower: Hydrangea

Bluetooth tracker. Losing something valuable like your wallet, keys or bags is extremely frustrating and stressful. But most of the time, we don’t worry about losing them until it actually happens. Save your loved one from being in such a scenario by getting her/him this small and slim bluetooth tracker. Bonus gift? Get a nice keychain you think he/she will like to go with your tracker!

Check out the Tile bluetooth tracker


5th Anniversary

Traditional: Wood | Modern: Silverware | Gemstone: Sapphire | Colour: Blue, pink, or turquoise | Flower: Daisy

Personalized Silverware. Having a cute message stamped on your spoon or fork is an adorable way of celebrating your love. Remind him or her about your love every time they take a bite! To make it more memorable, stick the spoon into some ice-cream and watch their surprise when they lick it to reveal your message!

Check out Etsy for personalized silverware


6th Anniversary

Traditional: Iron | Modern: Wood | Gemstone: Amethyst | Colour: Purple, white, or turquoise | Flower: Calla lily

Bamboo Wood Wireless Speaker. Perfect for any music lover! Not to mention it’s made from natural bamboo and eco-friendly fabric material. A classy and great looking speaker that will look fantastic in your home. Bonus tip: create a mixtape for your significant other and serenade her or him everyday with your gift!

Check out the AOMAIS Wireless Bluetooth Speakers above


7th Anniversary

Traditional: Wool or copper | Modern: Brass | Gemstone: Onyx | Colour: Yellow or off-white | Flower: Freesia

Copper Desk Set. Useful, classy and not to mention, awesome looking. This eye-catching copper magnetic desk set comes with 3 magnetic cups that can use to store anything from stationary to make-up brushes without looking out of place. To make it a more complete gift, fill it up with stuff that he or she needs!

Check out the copper desk set above.


8th Anniversary

Traditional: Bronze or pottery | Modern: Linen or lace | Gemstone: Tourmaline | Colour: Bronze | Flower: Lilac

Bronze Candle Holders. What’s more romantic than a candle-light dinner or spending the evening cuddling in bed with just the candles lit. This Florria 2-piece decorative candle holder set comes with a beautiful crystal flower design. Light some scented candles to get the romantic mood going!

Check out the Florria Bronze 2-Piece Decorative Candle Holder Set above


9th Anniversary

Traditional: Willow | Modern: Leather | Gemstone: Lapis Lazuli | Colour: Purple, green or terracotta | Flower: Bird of Paradise

Leather Bag. A stylish and functional leather bag is a must have for every woman or man. It enhances your outfit and stores all the essentials you need when you leave the house. Remember to slip in a romantic note into the bag before surprising her or him!

Check out the Kattee Women’s Vintage Genuine Leather Tote Shoulder Bag above.


10th Anniversary

Traditional: Aluminum | Modern: Diamond jewelry | Gemstone: Diamond | Colour: Silver or blue | Flower: Daffodil

Diamond Jewelry. We all know that diamonds are expensive, not really practical and probably overpriced. Sara Verdier uses diamond simulants that are comparable in appearance to high-grade diamonds but only cost a fraction of the price. Furthermore, they are also ethical and sustainable.

Check out the dazzling Simply Elegant Tennis Bracelet above.


11th Anniversary

Traditional: Steel | Modern: Fashion jewelry | Gemstone: Turquoise | Colour: Turquoise or yellow | Flower: Tulip

Stainless Steel Cuff. The Affinity from Sara Verdier is a minimalist and elegant design, great for every occasion. Engraved with meaningful messages, it’s an quiet affirmation to your loved ones that you will be there for each other no matter what happens.

Check out Affinity from Sara Verdier here.


12th Anniversary

Traditional: Silk | Modern: Pearls | Gemstone: Jade | Colour: Jade, opal or oyster white| Flower: Peony

Silk Robe. Classy and comfortable, this kimono silk robe keeps you warm in winter and cool in summer! Pure silk is naturally hypoallergenic, which is perfect for people with sensitive skin. Planning a romantic getaway for your anniversary? This is the perfect gift to top it off.

Check out the Kimono Silk Dressing Gown above.


13th Anniversary

Traditional: Lace | Modern: Textiles or fur | Gemstone: Citrine | Colour: White| Flower: Chrysanthemum


14th Anniversary

Traditional: Flowers | Modern: Gold jewelry | Gemstone: Opal | Colour: Opal or ivory| Flower: Dahlia

Rose By Sara Verdier. There is no flower that says “I love you” more than roses. A Rose by Sara Verdier is preserved to last forever and is lined with 24K gold. A forever rose for forever, it’s the perfect gift for your significant other.

Check out Rose by Sara Verdier here.


15th Anniversary

Traditional: Crystal | Modern: Watches | Gemstone: Ruby | Colour: Ruby red| Flower: Roses

Watch. They are not just fashion accessories but they also tell the time. How time has changed! But that doesn’t mean that watches aren’t still a great gift. And sporting a pair of couple watch is a great way to show your love for each other without being too cheesy.

Check out the couple watch above.


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