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Comparing the Steelceramics cup with ordinary stainless steel cups and ceramic cups.

why steelceramics IS better than a normal stainless steel cup

No Metal Leaching. Recent studies have shown that stainless steel drinkware may leach nickel and chromium at 85°C/ 185°F or when in prolonged contact with acidic beverages like tea, fruit juices and coffee. There is also increased metal leaching as the stainless steel drinkware goes through normal wear and tear or if it is made from a poorer grade of stainless steel. With Steelceramics’ proprietary ceramic-coated inner wall, you won’t have to worry about metal leaching. Read our article on how safe it is safe to drink from stainless steel.

No Metallic Or Residual Taste. Regular stainless steel drinkware are known to impart certain flavors into your drinks. On top of the metallic taste or odor, there is also residual taste from soap tea, coffee, etc that have been absorbed by the stainless steel which can be hard to get rid of. Our proprietary ceramic-coated inner wall preserves the original taste of your drink, always.

Easy To Clean. The Steelceramics cup is also easier to clean compared to the typical stainlees steel drinkware due to the innovative ceramic coating that is applied.

A Superior Drinking Experience. Our proprietary Steelceramics ceramic inner wall heats up quickly compared to a normal stainless steel cup. This makes consuming a hot drink more satisfying.

why steelceramics IS better than a normal ceramic cup

No Accidental Breakages. A normal ceramic cup is heavy and shatters easily. The Steelceramics cup is both lightweight and shatterproof. Our Steelceramics cups are also cool to the touch no matter how hot your drink is.

Never Too Hot To Hold. Due to its stainless steel exterior, our Steelceramics cups are cool to the touch no matter how hot your drink is. 

Easy To Clean. Stains from drinks like coffee and tea can get hard to remove on a normal ceramic cup especially stains that have not been cleaned for a long time. Our innovative ceramic coating makes cleaning stains super easy no matter how old the stain is.

Thermal Insulation. Our double-walled Steelceramics cups keep your drinks hot or cold for a longer period of time compared to ordinary ceramic cups.

No Condensation. Condensation forms on the outside of ceramic cups whenever you are having a cold drink. This led to people using coasters to prevent water stains on tables. The Steelceramics cup prevents condensation from forming, meaning no more coasters and water stains permanently.

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