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More Than A Rose

It’s A Piece Of Art

Every rose is handcrafted to perfection. Born out of Swiss craftsmanship honed by years of crafting fine jewelry. Our craftsmanship is what sets us apart, making the quality of our roses unmatched. Real roses wither and die but we preserve them to last forever.

A Forever Rose

For Forever Love

Creating Rose By Sara Verdier

What makes our roses so special compared to other preserved roses? Here at Sara Verdier, we wanted to not only perfectly preserve the natural beauty of a real rose but also give it the dazzling effect that an exquisite piece of jewelry possesses.

It took the combined effort of our craftsmen and florists plus countless iterations to come up with our very own “Protect & Beautify” formula to create the most beautiful roses in the world.

The Protect & Beautify Formula

All roses from Sara Verdier are 100% real and natural roses carefully grown by our florists.

Unlike the techniques used to create other preserved roses on the market, not all grown roses are suitable for preservation using our “Protect & Beautify” technique.

The perfect rose depends on the most optimal weather, soil, irrigation and care by our florists. While this increases our cost significantly, this technique results in a preserved rose that is incomparable in its beauty.

To capture the beauty of a real rose in a moment in time, each part of the rose has to be carefully preserved individually. This includes the rose petals, leaves, thorns and stem. For example, a transparent resin coating is applied to the entire rose head to preserve its shape at that exact moment, creating a hard shell that is also resistant to corrosion.

As a real rose is naturally delicate, different parts of the rose are also strengthened during the preservation process.

Each rose is then finally individually worked on by our experienced jewelry craftsmen to give it that exquisite look. The whole Protect & Beautify process involves numerous stages and all roses are carefully inspected at each stage.

Beware Of Fake Roses

There are other products on the market that claim to be real preserved gold or silver roses but most are actually fake in one way or another. Also be careful of websites that have stolen our photos to sell their products.

How to spot fake or imitation roses:

  • “Rose” petals and leaves that are actually made from gold foil, gold-colored tin or plastic. These fake roses will look very flimsy and delicate.
  • Look out for “roses” that look very neat, symmetrical and are all the same size and shape. This means that every rose you buy from these companies will look almost exactly the same.
    These roses are sold very cheaply because they are actually easy to produce. While some are totally fake, some companies do use real rose petals. But instead of preserving a single rose, these companies are actually taking apart a large number of roses to retrieve the rose petals.
    They then reassemble the rose petals to form the shape of a rose. This is why every rose looks the same. In our opinion, these imitation roses are so perfectly shaped, they look unreal or unnatural. Such petals also tend to turn dull over time.
  • Be careful of “roses” that are completely gold-plated as they might have a plastic inner body. Such “roses” also look almost exactly the same as each other.

We Use 100% Real Roses

So how can you tell that the roses from Sara Verdier are genuine and natural? Each Rose by Sara Verdier consists of a single rose head that has been coated entirely. Look closely at any bouquet of real roses and you will notice that no two roses are exactly the same. They have different shapes, are in different stages of blooming, etc.

That’s the same for our roses, each Rose by Sara Verdier is truly unique and no two roses are the same. Not to mention, if you look at the petals or leaves of roses from Sara Verdier, you will find the intricate detailing of veins that are only found on real rose petals.

When you hold a Rose by Sara Verdier in your hand, you can instantly tell without a shadow of a doubt that it’s a real rose. It may not be perfect since every rose is different, but beauty isn’t about perfection.

Superior craftsmanship

A lot of time and effort goes into ensuring a Rose by Sara Verdier lives up to your expectation. And there is a price to quality. While other similarly preserved roses look or feel cheap, there is an aura of exquisiteness around a Rose by Sara Verdier similar to that of fine jewelry.

It is the exquisite craftsmanship that defines Sara Verdier.

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