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Beware Of Fake Roses

There are other products on the market that claim to be real preserved gold or silver roses but most are actually fake in one way or another.

Also be careful of websites that have stolen our photos to sell their products.

How to spot fake or imitation roses:

  • “Rose” petals and leaves that are actually made from gold foil, gold-colored tin or plastic. These fake roses will look very flimsy and delicate.
  • Look out for “roses” that look very neat, symmetrical and are all the same size and shape. This means that every rose you buy from these companies will look almost exactly the same.

    These roses are sold very cheaply because they are actually easy to produce. While some are totally fake, some companies do use real rose petals. But instead of preserving a single rose, these companies are actually taking apart a large number of roses to retrieve the rose petals.
    They then reassemble the rose petals to form the shape of a rose. This is why every rose looks the same. In our opinion, these imitation roses are so perfectly shaped, they look unreal or unnatural. Such petals also tend to turn dull over time.
  • Be careful of “roses” that are completely gold-plated as they might have a plastic inner body. Such “roses” also look almost exactly the same as each other.

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