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Timeless Designs
Meaningful experiences

Exquisite Design
Accessible Luxury

As a boutique jeweler, Sara Verdier is known for its extraordinary craftsmanship. With our online collections, we bring our exquisite design philosophy to an even wider audience through high quality yet accessible materials.

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Unique Products That Redefine Ordinary Experiences

Meaningful Designs
Meaningful Experiences

We believe in meaningful designs that refine experiences and push the boundaries.

Rose By Sara Verdier

The original gold rose. Real roses that have been perfectly preserved to last forever.

Never Wither Flowers

100% real flowers that have been frozen in time.

Jewelry By Sara Verdier

Our jewelry uses diamond simulants which are ethical, sustainable and conflict-free.


Combining the best of stainless steel and ceramics to bring you the future of modern drinkware.


Timeless deigns, meaningful experiences. That’s our key guiding principle in our design philosophy. You see it in our products and the stories behind them. Meaningful design, exquisite craftsmanship, that’s when you know.

It’s a Sara Verdier.