Classic designs inspired by love.

Adorned with Sara Verdier diamond simulants and made from premium sterling silver. Our rings look and feel like they are worth so much more. A testament to our philosophy of accessible luxury.

High-Grade Diamond Simulants

Our jewellery uses diamond simulants which are ethical, sustainable and conflict-free. Possessing the stunning flawless and colourless look of the world’s most valuable diamonds, Sara Verdier’s diamond simulants are perfect for the savvy modern woman that believes in both style and sustainability.

Understated elegance, chic or modern. Regardless of the style you choose, you will feel confident with our craftsmanship and Sara Verdier simulants.
Made from premium sterling silver and adorned with Sara Verdier simulants, our bracelets not only look good, they feel good as well.

Accessible Luxury

As a boutique jeweler, Sara Verdier is known for its extraordinary craftsmanship. Our online collections use high quality yet accessible material such as premium sterling silver and diamond simulants. And with our team of skilled craftsmen, we are able to create jewellery that looks and feels like jewellery that is worth much more.

Simple yet dazzling, shine even brighter with our Sara Verdier simulants. Finish your look with one of our elegant necklaces.
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