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Stainless Steel + ceramics

patented Steelceramics technology

The perfect
Drinking Experience

Through our patented stainless steel body with ceramic-coated inner wall, we have combined the best of stainless steel and ceramics to bring you the ultimate drinking cup.

What Makes Steelceramics Great
Double wall insulation keeps your drinks hot for 3 hours
Double wall insulation keeps your drinks cold for 6 hours
Portable + Lightweight stainless steel body
Proprietary ceramic-coated wall makes it super easy to clean.
Preserve the original taste of your drinks with no residual or metallic taste.
Spill-proof lid makes it easy to drink on the move
Shatterproof stainless steel body
Sustainable + Reusable
Elevate Your Drinking Experience
Sara Verdier


Each Steelceramics cup comes with a set of accessories to complete your drinking experience. Whether it’s at home, on the move or at work, use the Steelceramics cup the way you want it.

Beech Wood Spoon

Helps preserve the original taste of your drinks and is safe to use with the ceramic inner wall.

Silicone Straw Set

BPA-free and reusable. Enjoy your favourite drink easily on the move or sitting down.​

Spillproof Slider Lid

Never worry about spilling your drink no matter what you are doing. Simply slide open to take a sip.

Sara Verdier

Luxury Matte Series

Sara Verdier

Brilliant Series

Sara Verdier


Always the right taste
Always the right temperature

The Steelceramics cup is the only cup you will need. At home, on the move or at work.

why steelceramics IS better than a normal stainless steel cup

Stainless steel drinkware are known to impart certain flavors into your drinks. On top of the metallic taste or odor, there is also residual taste from soap, coffee, etc that is abosrbed by the stainless steel which is hard to get rid of.

Our proprietary ceramic-coated inner wall helps preserve the original taste of your drink, always.

Recent studies have shown that stainless steel drinkware can cause metal leaching when in contact with acidic food and beverages like tea. With Steelceramics’ proprietary ceramic-coated inner wall, you never have to worry about this.

The Steelceramics cup is also easier to clean compared to the typical stainlees steel drinkware due to the innovative ceramic coating that is applied.

Our proprietary Steelceramics ceramic inner wall not only heats up quickly but it also retains heat better compared to a normal stainless steel cup. This makes consuming a hot drink more satisfying.

Best Of Stainless Steel + Ceramics

why steelceramics IS better than a normal ceramic cup

A normal ceramic cup is heavy and breaks easily. The Steelceramics cup is both lightweight and shatterproof. Our Steelceramics cups are also cool to the touch no matter how hot your drink is.

Stains from drinks like coffee and tea can get hard to remove on a normal ceramic cup. Our innovative ceramic coating comes with a special non-stick property that makes cleaning stains super easy no matter how old the stain is.

Our double-walled Steelceramics cups keep your drinks hot or cold for a longer period of time compared to ordinary ceramic cups.

And for people like us who don’t like condensation on their cups, the Steelceramics cup eliminates condensation when you are having a cold drink. No more coasters!

The Portable Artisanal Cup

Sara Verdier has partnered with a brillant team of engineers to bring you our vision of the perfect cup for your favorite drinks.

Many of us love our stainless steel mugs due to its portability and ability to keep our drinks hotter for a longer period of time. But the metallic and residual taste in our coffee was something we were not happy about and it became more obvious the longer we use our stainless steel mugs. But we also didn’t want to go back to using ceramic mugs.

So we consulted the experts. Our collaboration led to the creation of the Steelceramics technology which combines the best properties of stainless steel and ceramics. With Steelceramics, we are proud to present our very own artisanal cup collection.

Sara Verdier