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Sara Verdier Launches Steelceramics Cup With Proprietary Steelceramics Technology

Geneva, Switzerland – October 18, 2021. Swiss jeweler Sara Verdier has partnered with a team of brilliant engineers from Singapore to create their vision of the ultimate drinking cup. This unlikely partnership has led to the proprietary Steelceramics technology, which combines the best properties of stainless steel and ceramics while eliminating their weaknessses.

The leading edge Steelceramics technology which binds ceramic particles to 304 food-grade stainless steel makes the Steelceramics cup the best of its kind.

Double-wall insulation in a stainless steel construction that keeps your drink hot or cold. The inner wall is protected by the Steelceramics ceramic coating which eliminates the residual or metallic taste that people often complain about when drinking from a regular stainless steel tumbler.

Recent studies have shown that stainless steel drinkware may cause metal leaching at higher temperatures or when in prolonged contact with acidic beverages like tea or coffee. Leaching of metals into drinks also increases as the stainless steel drinkware goes through wear and tear over time or if it is made from a poorer grade of stainless steel. Metal leaching may cause adverse effects on your health. With Steelceramics’ ceramic-coated inner wall, you will never have to worry about this.

What’s more, the Steelceramics cup has two major advantages over both ceramic and stainless steel drinkware. Because of its innovative ceramic coating, the Steelceramics cup is easier to clean, no matter how old the stain is. Secondly, the proprietary Steelceramics ceramic-coated inner wall not only heats up quickly but it also retains heat better which makes consuming a hot drink more satisfying.

With its minimalist and elegant design, the Steelceramics cup does not look out of place at home or at work. Use it like an ordinary cup at home or pop the spill-proof lid in as you head out to work. You can fill it up with coffee at the local cafe or bring your favorite drink from home. Each Steelceramics 12oz cup also comes with a silicone straw to make drinking on the go even easier.

For people who are particular about their coffee or tea, Steelceramics will no doubt become your next favorite cup.

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