Our Story


For Swiss jeweler Sara Verdier, jewelry making runs in the family. Growing up with the sounds of her father crafting precious metals and gems into fine jewelry, it has always filled her with awe seeing the results of her father’s labor. She remembers marveling at diamonds sparkling in the sunlight and seeing the faces of her father’s clients breaking into huge smiles when they lay eyes on the jewelry pieces they have commissioned for the very first time.



Her childhood memories were firmly etched in her mind as she followed in her father’s footsteps, creating exquisite bespoke designs inspired by love. But she felt something was missing and she knew she wanted to do more. She wanted as many people as possible to experience the same joy that she and her father’s clients had. This is the inspiration behind our new ready-to-wear collections.

Through the use of high quality yet accessible material such as premium sterling silver and diamond simulants, our team of skilled craftsmen are able to create jewelry that looks and feels like jewelry that is worth much more. Accessible elegance and inspiring love for a new generation of customers.



The real roses from our Rose collection that will never wither, our Affinity cuffs that together form a beautiful vow; More than just classic timepieces and jewellery, each collection by Sara Verdier is meticulously crafted to deliver a unique experience and each has its own theme and story.

To bring our collections online, we have assembled an international team of individuals who are passionate about design and what they do. Our designers and craftsmen are based in Europe and the United States; with sourcing, packaging and logistics based in Singapore and Hong Kong.

We believe in inspiring love and giving back. Hence, 10% of all proceeds will go to helping end poverty and empowering young girls & women. Find out more.

To love yourself, to love each other; Inspiring love is a key guiding principle in our design philosophy. You see it in our designs and the stories behind them. Meaningful design, exquisite craftsmanship, that’s when you know:

It’s a Sara Verdier.