The Simply Love Collection

Love can’t be seen but is always there. Inspired by some of the most famous symbols of love, Simply Love is a collection of meaningful jewelry pieces that celebrates true love. Find out more about meaningful love symbols.


The Infinity

Infinite, eternal and limitless. Forever love is best represented by the infinity symbol which has a long and deep history. The Infinity bracelet by Sara Verdier is an exquisite take on the popular symbol.

True Love's Knot

Getting married is commonly referred to as tying the knot. It is no surprise that the lovers’ knot has a long history of being a symbol of love. The two distinct interwoven lines of  True Love’s Knot by Sara Verdier symbolizes the bond between two lovers.

Lovers' Spark

Held tightly in the hands of two lovers is the eternal spark between them. And what better way to represent it than the brilliant sparkle of a diamond stimulant from Sara Verdier.

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