More Than A Rose
It’s A Piece Of Art
Every rose is handcrafted to perfection.
Superior Craftsmanship
Born out of Swiss craftsmanship honed by years of crafting fine jewelry. Our craftsmanship is what sets us apart, making the quality of our roses unmatched.
100% Real Roses
24K Gold/Silver
Real roses wither and die but we preserve them to last forever.
Celebrate love
Support sustainability
  • Each Rose by Sara Verdier consists of carefully preserved petals, leaves, sepals, thorns and stem from real roses.
  • From start to finish, each rose takes roughly 80 days to complete.
  • The actual veins of the rose petals and leaves are visible through the corrosion-resistant transparent resin hard shell.
  • Only the best looking roses are selected to be preserved. The perfect rose depends on the best weather, soil, irrigation and care.
A Forever Rose
For Forever Love
A tribute to the natural beauty of a real rose and the exquisite craftsmanship of fine jewelry.